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Take Control of Your Estate Planning Process


Right now, more than 50% of Americans are living without the essential components of a good estate plan: a will or living trust and advance directives for healthcare and finances. Are you one of them?

Creating these estate planning documents allows you to protect your loved ones and assets, document your decisions regarding your medical care, and support causes you care about. Failing to create an estate plan cedes control of your heath, your finances, and your legacy.

Too often, the details involved in creating an estate plan and the costs contribute to this situation. But estate planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

AARP Foundation’s Confidential Organizer is a planning tool that helps you gather the important information you need to develop an estate plan. The Confidential Organizer can help you:

  • Stay in charge of the estate planning process as you work with an attorney
  • Influence the final costs of the entire planning process

Secure your future. Control your plan. Request a digital copy of AARP Foundation’s Confidential Organizer today.

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